Hot Stone Massage Therapy Brisbane- Make an Appointment Now

Most of the people have understood the magical healing powers of hot stone massage therapy Brisbane. But it has only been over the last few years that this profoundly relaxing method of massage therapy is once again beginning to become popular. It’s in popular demand among many of the internationally recognized spas.

Hot stone massage therapy was inspired by Lake Kokonar’s healing practices. In conjunction with herbs and oils it uses hot stones to recover the strength of the body and to relieve tension. The treatment involves the use of smooth, basalt stones that are found in European volcanic regions.

The massage therapy clinic Brisbane therapist begins by combining the therapeutic effects of essential oils with a Swedish massage during a hot stone massage therapy session. The therapist glides her fingers to your fingertips over your shoulders and down your sides, and also strokes from your neck down your spine to the lower back.

First, the massage therapist can rub the hot basalt stones over your back and down your legs. The stone’s smoothness glides effortlessly over the body and fosters the most soothing state.

Finally the therapist puts different sizes of Himalayan stones at the body’s chakra points. It helps to warm the body, stimulate lymph flow and thus extract waste materials from the body. The chakra points are the sources of energy of the body according to ancient Chinese and Himalayan practices. The chakras induce healthy energy flow throughout the body when stimulated which helps to reduce any muscle pain, promote healing, relieve tension, and provide deep relaxation.

Hot stone massage therapy Brisbane is great for office workers who are sitting in front of the computer for most of their days. This relieves a lot of stress, helps with depression and even decreases back pain.

If you have never been handled with hot stone before, then you definitely owe yourself the pleasure! Still in the mood for a massage? Hot stone therapy is an incredible experience too.

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