Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane

How can Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane Help?

Trigger Points are caused by injury to the muscles and connective tissue in our bodies. Hyperirritable areas in the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding skeletal muscle are known as trigger points. All issues can be solved by Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane People sometimes refer to them as “knots” in the muscles that bring agony to the person. In some cases, a trigger point in one muscle might elicit discomfort in another.

Headaches can be caused by active trigger points in the shoulder, neck, and face, for example. The painful sensations attributed to other disorders like arthritis could actually be caused by the trigger points. Take Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane to get relief.

What are Trigger Points & how it can be formed?

  • Repetitive overuse injuries (using the same body parts in the same way hundreds of times each day) can occur as a result of activities such as typing/moussing, handheld electronics, gardening, home repair projects, work environments, and so on…
  • Poor posture and poorly designed furnishings are common.
  • Mental/emotional stress causes muscle clenching and tensing. Direct injury such as a blow, strain, break, twist, or tear causes muscle clenching and tensing.
  • Inactivity for long periods of time, such as prolonged bed rest or sitting
  • Heavy lifting, such as carrying babies, boxes, or lifting bedridden individuals, requires sustained loading.

Active Trigger Points: What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

  • A nagging discomfort
  • A sharp, throbbing pain or a burning sensation
  • A feeling of numbness and exhaustion
  • Sweating, tears in the eyes, chills, and dizziness are all common symptoms.

Trigger points can sometimes lie dormant in muscles for years, and these are referred to as latent trigger points. People may not feel pain until pressure is applied to the trigger point, at which point discomfort is felt.

Latent trigger points can last for years after an injury appears to be healed.

  • Restricted mobility or movement
  • Muscle movement patterns that have been distorted
  • Muscle stiffness and weakness

But don’t worry Massage Therapists Brisbane can cure all this problems.

How Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane can help you?

Trigger point therapy is a technique for relieving pain and dysfunction in other sections of the body by applying pressure to delicate muscle tissue. Massage and trigger point therapy are sometimes combined.

The goal of trigger point therapy is to eliminate discomfort and retrain muscles to become pain-free. Trigger point therapy is performed by our Massage Therapists in the comfort of our modern massage therapy clinic Brisbane facility.

At Align Massage Camphill, trigger point therapy comprises the following:

  • Patient’s Complete Medical History
  • Anatomy Of Pain
  • Evaluation Of Range Of Motion
  • Analyze Your Posture
  • Identification Of Factors That Cause Recurrence
  • Perpetuating Issues Must Be Addressed.
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Discomfort And Dysfunction Can Be Treated With Manual Treatments.
  • A Tailored Stretch Rehabilitation Programme For Each Patient

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