Known Unknown Facts of Dry Needling Therapy Brisbane

Dry Needling Therapy Brisbane has gained prominence over the last decades. People in the Aus. are becoming more curious about how this therapy works and how it can benefit the body. If you learn this technique for the first time, you’d better learn more about this effective healing process.

What’s a dry needle, then? It is basically a technique used by a skilled, trained and licensed physiotherapist to reduce pain, improve range of motion and increase flexibility. True to its name, sterile needles are called “dry,” since they do not require any liquid injections as part of the treatment. Dry needling therapy Brisbane is also appropriate for wounded people and athletics.

Some people mistakenly assumed that dry needle trigger point therapy and acupuncture performed by massage therapist Brisbane were the same thing. Why didn’t they do that? When you see a photograph of people using medical needles, you would find it difficult to determine what kind of drug is being used.

The distinction between the two is that acupuncture is meant to open up the chi of a person, or better known as the flow of energy. Dry needling by massage therapy clinic Brisbane does however, help to enable and unlock ‘trigger points.’ A practitioner can inject small short, stainless and clean filiform needles into the skin when it comes to dry needles. This is also referred to as intramuscular stimulation because of how dry needles reach the tissues and muscles. The main target of the needles is the sore, knotted or rough muscles.

Constant muscle contraction decreases the free flow of blood and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Mainly, constant muscle contraction increases muscle stress, irritates nerves and affects body movement.

A thin needle is inserted to find cause a painful contraction of the muscle and causes a local twitch to “catch” the muscle from contraction. Release of the knotted muscle decreases the discomfort and helps to heal the tissue.

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