Trigger Point Massage Therapy for Referred Pain

Increased psychological stress, routine activities, and reduced physical activity has led to chronic pain in modern lives. Changing a lifestyle is daunting but trigger point massage therapy can be used to reduce or eliminate the cause of specific types of pain, without medications or surgery.

What is Referred Pain? 

Referred pain alluded to is felt in a region away from the actual source of pain. Sources of referred pain include headaches, phantom limb pain in amputated limbs, and pain in the left arm during a heart attack and the common so-called brain freeze caused by drinking cold liquid that cools the vague nerve running along the throat. One may feel it in the head during a brain freeze, when the trigger may be down the throat. Medical referral is also common in syndromes of myofascial pain, caused by muscle, fascia (fibrous tissue that binds, divides, and protects muscles, bones, skin, and other organs), tendon, and ligament tissue.

What are the Trigger Points?

A trigger point can be considered as a mechanism for muscle defence, which stiffens the muscle to restrict the range of motion, caused by injury, overuse, and adrenaline-all phenomena in which modern humans excel. Resulting stiffening or muscle spasms causes swelling in the blood, loss of nutrients and toxin build-up. Such defence can become debilitating and painful, and can cause other factors, spreading pain and disability like an infection. The most prone to trigger points are postural muscles such as the neck, elbows, back and pelvic girdle and others such as forearms, hands, calves and face used in repetitive actions.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

It’s a matter of careful examination to locate a trigger point for trigger point massage therapy Brisbane, a small area where the muscles are in this particular condition. Some assume that taut muscle bands are an indication that can be felt as well as a hard nodule (a central locus or area). One challenge is that pain can often be referred to as trigger points. Headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome may be caused by trigger points-you name it. These are the cause of joint pain in the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and the ankle usually associated with arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, or damage to the ligament. Many of these unpleasant effects can be diminished or prevented by a professional Trigger Point Massage Therapist Brisbane with proper long-term therapy.

Western medicine has strayed from manual procedures to medications, surgery and other invasive treatments over the last hundred years. Trigger point massage therapy is a non-invasive approach for many forms of pain relief. Doctors as well as massage therapists Brisbane, and even patients themselves, may use it to help reach the goal of a pain-free body. Locate a trigger point massage therapist near you now.

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