Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

Why You Should Go For A Pregnancy Massage Brisbane?

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane is a wonderful treatment that can make your pregnancy go much more smoothly and enjoyably. Many of the goals of pregnancy massage are similar to those of regular massage, such as relaxing tense muscles, enhancing circulation, and increasing mobility.

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane varies from regular massage in that skilled therapists are aware of pressure sites to avoid, such as those in the ankle and wrist, which might cause the uterus to contract. Pregnancy massage, of course, takes into account your baby and the need for sensitivity and care.

Massage Has Many Health Benefits during Pregnancy Massage Brisbane

  • It has been shown to lower stress hormones in the body of pregnant women. It also raises the levels of feel-good hormones, which are often low in depressed women.
  • It can help you feel less anxious. After a massage, people’s spirits improve and they feel more relaxed.
  • Pregnant ladies find massage to be a renewing and energising experience when they are in a restful and relaxing therapy.
  • Massage can help some pregnant women with nausea and heartburn.
  • Muscle relaxation and joint pain reduction.
  • Relieves the ordinary discomforts of pregnancy, such as an aching neck, painful back, leg cramps, swelling of the ankles and feet, and fluid retention.
  • Pregnancy massage may help the mother and her baby achieve better health outcomes by accelerating the onset of labour. During labour and delivery, moms who are more relaxed had a lower risk of interventions.
  • Pregnancy massage Brisbane performed by Massage Therapist  Brisbane allows ladies to entirely stop what they’re doing and enjoy the pleasure of having someone else perform something special for them.
  • Better sleep as a result of decreased muscle tension and a general sense of being less uncomfortable.
  • It has the ability to minimise peripheral edoema and calm the neurological system.
  • Regular massage can help you get back to your best fitness after giving birth by reducing labour time.

Pregnancy Massage at Massage Therapy Clinic Brisbane can be done in a variety of ways. Some pregnant women prefer to sleep on their sides, while others prefer to sleep on their bellies in a specially created cushion that accommodates a developing belly.

It is not suggested to lie flat on your back after the first 25 weeks of pregnancy since this can induce strain on deep blood arteries, resulting in impaired circulation.

Massage should be avoided throughout the first trimester unless your doctor or midwife has given you permission. This is because the chance of miscarriage is higher during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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