A Guide to Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane

If you suffer from some sort of body pain (and who doesn’t do it from time to time?) it might well be the product of a trigger point. You may have back pain, a sore neck, severe headache, back pain, lower back pain, thighs, knees and more. This problem can only be solved by Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane.

What is a trigger point and what is Trigger Point Massage Therapy Brisbane? It is a slight “knot” in a muscle that causes discomfort in another part of the body. For example, it might cause a pain in your neck, which would then serve as a kind of mini-trigger point and pass on the pain so you get a headache. Even trigger points can be complex, and the fact is that many doctors don’t understand them fully.

A chronic pain with no clear cause may be something that is hard to treat and often doctors don’t even know what to do. In fact, it’s a topic that has not received much publicity or research. The goal of trigger point therapy performed by massage therapy clinic Brisbane is to “restore” areas of constriction in the muscles and allow strengthening of other areas. This requires an examination of the soft tissues of a given area and simultaneously increases blood flow to the areas.

In the case of extreme spasms, the stress may result from stretched muscle fibres, and the treatment for this includes working with the hands on the soft tissue until the softest point is reached and then maintaining for up to a minute and a half that has the effect of helping to “reset” the neuromuscular system, which in turn has the effect of releasing the spasm.

Myofascial trigger point dry needling also involves pressure on the tissues until a resistance point is found and then holding the pressure which allows relaxation of the tissue and has the effect of stretching the muscle.

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